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  • Ikea & Wayfair Furniture Assembly
  • {:en}Marché Artisans Chalkboard Headings{:}{:fr}Titres sur tableaux au Marché des Artisans{:}
  • {:en}Wood Counter Display Units{:}{:fr}Présentoir de comptoir en bois{:}
  • Wayfair Bed Furniture Assembly
  • {:en}Gallery Studio Renovations{:}{:fr}Rénovations d'une galerie studio{:}
  • {:en}Milton B Product Promo Designs{:}{:fr}Milton B - Designs promotionnels de produits{:}
  • {:en}Halloween Decoration Services - Second Cup{:}{:fr}Décor d'Halloween à Second Cup{:}
  • Medical Lab Furniture Assembly
  • {:en}Faux Cement Counter-top{:}{:fr}Comptoir en faux béton{:}
  • {:en}Outdoor Gallery Panels{:}{:fr}Panneaux de galerie extérieure{:}
  • {:en}Chalkboard Menu Designs{:}{:fr}Conceptions de tableaux de menu{:}
  • {:en}Custom Gallery Panels{:}{:fr}Panneaux de galerie personnalisés{:}
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Handyman And Designs

Small, Medium, Odd Jobs and Designs!

At Handyman and Designs Montreal, No Job is too small! We offer personalized, artistic, and specialized work to suit all budgets. Professional, reliable, conscientious, friendly, serious, clean and competitive service… with a smile! Satisfaction guaranteed, accompanied by a 1 year workmanship and 5 years materials written guarantee on all our Handyman work.

We are committed to serving homeowners and businesses with old-fashioned courteous and reliable service and are happy to lend a hand wherever and whenever needed. Professional in every manner, we treat your home or business like it’s our own.

Our website highlights a few of our most common tasks but if there is anything on your ‘to-do’ list that requires a practical mind and a skilled set of hands, then a Handyman and Designer can help.

Learn more About Us or visit Our Services or Our Rates pages for more info.

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Articles and Highlights

Upcoming customized work vehicles, a new Sci-fi Handyman Workshop Lounge, tips-tricks-and-solutions to fix common problems around your home, or strange and/or happy tales from our handymen at work – find a collection of our highlights right here in our Blog »

  • What is a Handyman And Why Homeowners Prefer Them Over Contractors
    September 8, 2022
    {:en}When a fix needs fixing, you can either do it yourself, hire a general contractor or hire a handyman. We explore some pros and cons of each option.{:}{:fr}Here is French text yes – Sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis ...
    read more »
  • How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies Forever - For Restaurants and Homes
    August 2, 2022
    While you may wish to solve your infestation with a blowtorch, the environmentally-friendly solution to “How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies – Forever” is with a Shop-Vac. Yes, a SHOP-VAC! The more powerful the Shop-Vac, the better!
    read more »
  • How to Get Rid of Drain Flies - Today!
    July 26, 2022
    Do you suffer from a drain fly infestation? In this article, we discuss two methods to eliminate drain infestations by using a steam cleaner to cook drain-flies, larvae, and eggs in your pipes. If done correctly, this will ensure a well-done and bug-free finish.
    read more »
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Our Handyman Services at a Glance

Some people hire handymen for small jobs like installing shelves or replacing an old kichen faucet. Other people hire them for larger jobs like building a storage shed, or dividing a room into two separate rooms for their home. Instead of hiring multiple contractors for each repair, save your money and hire a professional from Handyman And Designs. We come to your house and take care of your entire To-Do-List. It’s just a matter of having our professionals help with tasks like »

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    Handyman | Odd Jobs
    Hanging pictures, Organizing, Screen doors, and additional general info

  • Decorating Icon

    Furniture Assembly
    View offered Services, plus tips & info for everything furniture assembly

  • Custom Art Icon

    Custom Builds
    Create custom cabinets, storage units, engravings, crafted logos and more!

  • Handyman Odd Jobs Icon

    Installations of wall and floor cabinets, tv mounts, entertainment systems...

  • Handyman Odd Jobs Icon

    Interior Repairs
    Repairs for drywall, wood structures, doors, windows, furniture and more

  • Handyman Odd Jobs Icon

    Exterior Repairs
    Repairs of decks, sheds, gutters, wood fences, cement cracks...

  • Handyman Odd Jobs Icon

    Minor Electricity
    Replacement of lights, ceiling fans, washroom fans, outlets...

  • Handyman Odd Jobs Icon

    Minor Plumbing
    Drain cleaning, pipe unclogging, faucet exchanges, and more!

  • Handyman Odd Jobs Icon

    Custom Art
    Faux brick, faux stone, artistic painting, chalk art, and more!

  • Handyman Odd Jobs Icon

    Graphic Designs
    Commercial posters, logos, Campervan 3d Designs, Room Designs...

  • Handyman Odd Jobs Icon

    Decoration Services
    Interior Painting, home makeovers, special events, set designs..

  • Handyman Odd Jobs Icon

    Cleaning Services
    Pressure washing, pest control, gutter cleaning, window washing...

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Why You Should Work with a Professional Handyman Service

We are committed to serving homeowners and businesses with old-fashioned courteous and reliable service. But don’t take our word for it. We invite you to learn more about us from those who know our work best – our clients. As found on our google business page, the following are their reviews of our work »

Great service and great work at a very reasonable price!
4570 dragonfly Avatar
4570 dragonfly
After having a terrible experience with another electrician, I found handyman and designs on the web. The experience with handyman and designs was a complete breath of fresh air after the first guy. He was curtious, professional and did a... read more
Bessie Receta Avatar
Bessie Receta
Superb service, professional, excellent work all around. I'd recommend for any job big or small. Price was more then reasonable.
Gordon Barkley Avatar
Gordon Barkley
Fred was very efficient and professional. The quality of his work is at a very high standard and also very reasonably priced. I would happily work with Fred again in the future.
Manus McDermott Avatar
Manus McDermott