Heading Gallery

Gallery of Sample Photos

From commercial designs to home repairs, we have the tools and know-how to get your job(s) done! The following gallery is just a glimpse of Handyman Services we completed in the Montreal area. To view samples of a more specific sort, scroll down to find links to our additional Photo Categories.

  • Custom Wood Counter
  • Marché Artisans Chalkboard Headings
  • Rosélys Chalkboard Menu Designs
  • Room 3D Graphic Design
  • Milton B Product Promo Designs
  • 3D Design - Dodge Sprinter Campervan
  • Milton B Food Promo Designs
  • Cabinets Installation & Renovation
  • Picture Frames Installation
  • Promo Poster Design
  • Custom Gallery Panels
  • Chalkboard Menu Designs
  • Milton B - General Maintenance & Improvements
  • Wayfair Bed Furniture Assembly
  • Paintings and Curtain Rod Installation
  • Halloween Decoration Services - Second Cup
  • 3D Graphic Gallery Design
  • 3D Sketch - Custom Counter
  • Faux Cement Counter-top
  • 3D Sketch - Counter-top Display Units
  • Ikea & Wayfair Furniture Assembly
  • Wood Counter Display Units
  • Custom Community Cork Board
  • Faux Brick & Faux Plaster Wall
  • Apartment Room Renovation
  • Medical Lab Furniture Assembly
  • 3D Graphic Gallery Studio Design
  • Gallery Studio Renovations
  • Walmart Storage Bed - Furniture Assembly
  • Repair of Bathroom Ceiling Light, Fan and Air Duct