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Decoration Services for an Epic Halloween Treat

We love celebrating Halloween as much as the next Trick or Treater, but when it comes to hosting a Halloween event, it can be challenging to create that chilling atmosphere. Fortunately, creating such spooky wonderlands is one of our specialties!

Take Second Cup du Parc, a coffee shop in the McGill Ghetto community that hosted their stunning Halloween event. At first glance, this may look complicated and intricate, but it is because our Handymen use a specific crafting technique to create the chilling aesthetic.

The following photos and text highlight areas of interest in the build, and we also discuss why it’s important for brands to host events like these.

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Halloween Decorations of spiders web - distant view

Client Requirements

Create a stunning and eye-captivating Halloween scene on the front terrace.


  • Must be resistant to all elements of nature (rain, strong winds, and possibly snow).
  • Must be durable and hold in place for up to 2 weeks.
  • No drilling holes or screwing in braces into wooden structures in order to secure decor.
  • Use wires and string to attach/secure everything into place.
  • Must be viewable from a distance – The further, the better.
  • Make it fun for all ages.

Halloween Decorations of Spiders along the wall

Treat or Trick? Our Process For Hanging Creepy Crawlers

We begin by using a unique technique to spin strands of webs with plastic wrap before spreading them across the terrace surface. Of course, we want to make it as authentic as possible, so we staple each intersection together, ensuring everything is securely in place.

After a few hours, our team had created a large, long-lasting, fully weather-resistant web which we’re sure you’ll agree was perfect for creating a creepy vibe.

But you can’t have spider webs without the spiders themselves!

Halloween Decoration of Spiders during daytime

This extra-large spider, named Billy, was so fun to make, and the design made us proud. The orange texturing on the back really adds a chilling feel to Billy’s look, and the positioning above the main entrance made sure no one was going to miss the spectacle.

Our team built Billy the giant spider on-site at Second Cup and created the smaller spiders offsite so that we could craft more complicated and intricate designs. Once the giant and smaller spiders were complete, we positioned everything strategically in the webs, paying precise attention to create an overall fun design.

Decoration Services of Halloween mood lighting

Final Touches for Mood and Ambience

Of course, no scary scene like this is complete without lights. So we added lights along the tree to emphasize the mood for the set and placed a single light bulb in the giant spider, Billy, to help highlight his presence at night.

With finishing touches in place, which include several gravestone accessories, the ghostly set is complete, much to the joy of Second Cup’s staff and patrons alike!

What better way to enjoy Halloween than to surround yourself and the public with custom decorations that nobody will forget! It’s safe to say; that this Halloween decoration treat found its way into many Instagram stories.

The bar for a Holiday Special has been set!

Halloween decoration services enjoyed by clients

Why it is Important to Create Special Events For Your Brand

Today, brands are focusing on different tactics related to event marketing. Some focus on events to create an interactive buzz, while others ensure their guests have a memorable time. But, of course, everything always starts with quality event decorations!

Events make your brand stand out from its competitors and will allow your brand to turn customers into regulars. Customers get excited and express their excitement on social media, which is an excellent form of marketing for your brand.

The right accessories like decorations or flowers can transform any space into a memorable space. For example, with custom decoration services tailored specifically for your establishment, guests will remember your event and come back time and time again.

On the other hand, if you never create or host an event, clients will walk by your establishment on the street with no thoughts about your establishment or brand ever entering their minds.

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Custom Decoration Services Tailored Specifically For You

Are you looking for a scene like this for your venue, business, or space? Similar to our Custom Art Projects, we also offer Decoration Services as one of our many listed Handyman Services.

Our experienced service includes;

  • Bespoke and unique renovations and designs created to suit your individual needs.
  • We handle EVERYTHING! You don’t need to lift a finger!
  • High-quality work. Guaranteed!
  • A friendly, professional, and fun service from start to finish!
  • An honest experience. We’re just doing what we love and want to help you do the same with your space!
  • Affordable and transparent pricing. We love to create and get things done. We’re here to build experiences in a trustworthy way.

Contact Us today via phone or our online Handyman Contact Form to see what we can do for you. There’s no job too big or too small, and whatever event or renovations you’re planning, our Handymen have your back!

We look forward to working with you.

And don’t forget to check out the behind-the-scenes gallery below of us building Second Cup’s Halloween experience!

Creating Halloween spiders with wire mesh
Building customized Halloween spider base wire mesh
Halloween Decorations before set mounting
Creation of Giant Halloween Spider
Creation of Small Halloween Spiders
Testing of Leg build for Halloween Spiders
Giant Halloween Spider Decoration on Roof top
Web work for Halloween Decorations
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