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Dive into the world of Handyman and Odd Jobs Services, the perfect antidote to those nagging home tasks you’ve diplomatically ignored. Picture this: a leaking faucet no longer conducting water symphonies in your kitchen and a smoke detector that quits its night job as a beep-beeping DJ. We’re like the backstage crew for your home’s minor inconveniences, transforming nagging to-dos into done-and-dusted! Below, we’ll guide you through how we can bring serenity back to your abode, and tackle the burning question: “What exactly qualifies as an Odd Job?

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Handyman Services We Provide

Is your to-do list looking more like a wild jungle of Odd Jobs you can’t tame? Whether you’re wrestling with the time-consuming vines of home improvement or just hesitant to swing into those DIY trees, we at Handyman And Designs are your ground support. No capes, no superhero landings – just your trusty handymen armed with the right tools and a cheerful disposition to help you hang that picture frame, paint the guest room, or patch up those little quirks around the house.

Together, let’s take a walk through an Odd Job jungle that we can help you clear:

Odd Job Icon - Drain Cleaning

Screw and Nail holes

Got holes? No worries! We’re like the beauty salon for your walls, covering up those little imperfections with a dab here and a pat there, making them look as good as new. It’s like magic, only with more spackle than sparkle.

Odd Job Icon - Mounting

Hang things up

Let’s get those pictures out of the boxes and onto the walls! We hang things up straighter than the trajectory of SpaceX’s Starship during its most explosive launches into space — and that’s without calling in an orbital launch team for assistance.

Odd Job Icon - Moving Furniture

Set up your electronics

Turning on your new tech shouldn’t be harder than understanding teen slang. We’ll help set up your electronics, ensuring everything’s connected and no mysterious extra cables are left with a hang over.

Odd Job Icon - Clearing House

Pressure Washing

Our water blasting is so powerful, it’s like treating your home to a luxurious day at the spa. While we can’t guarantee your home’s enlightenment, we can assure you that its past transgressions of dirt and mildew will be thoroughly cleansed away, leaving it feeling truly reborn!

Odd Job Icon - Taking Inventory

Set up slides, trampolines and yard toys

Setting up slides, trampolines, and yard toys is our kind of fun – it’s like being invited to play, but with tools! Let’s use our knack for assembling box-sets into into sturdy sources of joy and laughter for you and your family.

Odd Job Icon - Organize the Garage

General House maintenance

Armed with tools and a can-do attitude, we’re here to fine-tune your space. Need to swap out a flickering light or quiet down those chatty doors? We’ve got you covered. From patching pinholes to cabinet installations, no task is too small for our handy attention.

Odd Job Icon - After Party Cleanup


Keep critters out without turning your home into a fortress. Our pest-proofing might not make your house into a castle, but we’ll certainly help raise the drawbridge!

Odd Job Icon - Organizing The Shed

Bike and tool hanger installation

Let’s hang those bikes and tools with precision! We promise to keep them off the floor, making space for… well, you know… more stuff you love!

Odd Job Icon - Yard Sale Set up

Window mesh screen replacement

Is your window screen more hole than mesh? We replace old, tattered screens with the finesse of a tailor fitting a suit, making sure your windows are dressed to impress and impenetrable to the critters that go bump (or buzz) in the night.

Odd Job Icon - Attic Clean out

Baby proofing

Because little explorers have a knack for finding the one thing in the room they shouldn’t. We’re here to turn your home into a safe haven where the only pain will be from laughing too hard. Let us babyproof your space, so you can focus more on cuddles and less on uh-ohs.

Odd Job Icon - Entertainment System Setup

Home Security enhancements

Transform your home from ‘welcome all’ to ‘VIPs only.’ We can help make your home a no-go zone for troublemakers, where the only thing sneaking in is the cat, and even then, it knows the password.

Odd Job Icon - Attic Clean out

Senior home upgrades

It’s not about aging; it’s about upgrading! Let us help you tailor your home to be as welcoming and secure as a heartfelt hug. Imagine grab bars that blend in as seamlessly as a polar bear in a Montreal snowstorm, and lighting enhancements that brighten your home wherever and whenever needed.

Odd Job Icon - Fix Fence

Gutter cleaning

Gutters are designed for smooth water flow, not doubling as wildlife sanctuaries. We dive in to get up close and personal with your gutters, evicting debris and uninvited housing projects for 4 and 6 legged critters. This meticulous clean-up ensures rainwater can splash down the runway like a top model, free from embarrassing spills.

Odd Job Icon - Yard Toys Setup

Minor tree cutting

We trim those ambitious low-hanging branches that dream of touching the stars but only manage to wander into your neighbor’s backyard. It’s all about maintaining harmony in the neighborhood, one polite axe chop at a time, ensuring everyone’s view and backyard space stays friendly and unencumbered.

Odd Job Icon - House Care


No more surprise indoor pool parties, just dry and cozy spaces. We’re your home’s shield against unwanted water, keeping everything outside, from rain dancers to thunder showers. Dry homes = happy homes.

Odd Job Icon - Pest Proofing

Insulation upgrades

Bulk up your home’s cozy factor and block out unwanted drafts and whispers from Mother Nature. Warm winters, cool summers, and quieter living spaces—it’s all about wrapping your home in a comfort blanket that saves energy and money. Cozy up = costs down.

Our medley of Handyman Odd Jobs Services is the toolbox you didn’t know you ever needed, From unsightly wall screw holes to creaky doors, we’re here to turn your ‘to-do’ into ‘all-done!’ Our mission? To mix handiness with a touch of love, ensuring your home maintenance feels more like a friendly breeze than a personal chore. So, grab our virtual hammer and let’s nail down those projects together. Reach out via our Handyman Contact Form for a quote, and let’s make your household’s odds and ends a thing of the past!Cork Community Board

General Handyman Information

Above, we’ve gone over some of our most popular Handyman services. Below, we discuss what else you can expect from a Handyman and provide answers to some questions that might be on your mind.

Halloween Decorations at Second Cup

What Exactly Is An ‘Odd Job’?

Ever wondered what qualifies as an ‘Odd Job’? According to the ever-trusty Collins Dictionary, it’s all those little tasks around the house that seem to multiply like rabbits—cleaning, fixing, and the like. But through the eyes of a Handyman, an Odd Job is essentially the ‘miscellaneous drawer’ of household chores. It’s that random assortment of tasks you look at and think, ‘Hmm, I’ll get to that… eventually.

…through the eyes of a Handyman, an Odd Job is essentially the ‘miscellaneous drawer’ of household chores.

Whether it’s getting your new wall mounted TV to actually stay on the wall, turning your home into a festive wonderland, boxing up your life for a big move, finding the perfect spot for your pictures (where they won’t end up crooked), or turning your house into a no-fly zone for pests, these are the adventures in homemaking that don’t come with a manual. So, if it feels a bit like solving a Rubik’s cube blindfolded, congratulations—it’s officially an Odd Job!

Curtains Repair

Why Choose a Handyman Over a General Contractor?

Why Opt for a Handyman Instead of a General Contractor? It’s a bit like choosing a Swiss Army knife over a single-purpose tool. Sure, both can get the job done, but the Handyman, with their multifaceted skill set, brings a touch of ‘MacGyver’ to your home repair needs—minus the need for duct tape. Handymen win the affordability race hands down, thanks to skipping the fancy frills like costly offices and big advertising. They’re the ninjas of the repair world: versatile, swift, and ready to tackle tasks that would have contractors scratching their heads. Plus, their Swiss Army knife approach means they’re equipped for those ‘oh, by the way’ jobs that pop up mid-project.

Curious for more than just a quick fix? Dive deeper with our guide: What is a Handyman And Why Homeowners Prefer Them Over Contractors. It’s like choosing to go on an adventure over a guided tour: both have their perks, but only one offers more excitement and unique stories for the dinner room table.

TV wall mount

Why Hiring a Handyman For a Job Is a Lasting Investment

Hiring a Handyman isn’t just about crossing off items on your to-do list; it’s like enlisting a guardian for your home’s future. Take mice, for example. These aren’t just furry uninvited guests; they’re tiny demolition experts, ready to turn your home into their personal playground. By bringing in a Handyman for some clever mouse-proofing, you’re doing more than saving cheese; you’re avoiding the kind of party damage that only a mouse-rave can bring. It’s this proactive approach to maintenance that makes hiring a Handyman not just convenient but a stroke of financial and structural genius.

You’ll never have to know how many mice it takes to screw in a lightbulb, because we at Handyman and Designs got you covered!

As Home Stars puts it, Handymen are the caped crusaders of home improvement. General renovations or small tweaks, if it’s on your to-do list, it’s in their toolkit. So, when you hire a Handyman, you’re not just getting a service; you’re making a wise investment in peace, quiet, and structural integrity. And the best part? You’ll never have to know how many mice it takes to screw in a lightbulb, because we at Handyman and Designs got you covered!

Cabinet repairs

5 Reasons To Hire a Handyman For Your Odd Jobs

Now that we’ve mapped the handyman landscape, let’s dive into why enlisting one for your next Odd Job is a no-brainer.

Icon Affordable

They are more affordable than contractors

Unlike contractors who might pass the baton (and the bill) for tasks they can’t tackle alone, handymen are the DIY dynamos handling a myriad of jobs without calling in a cavalry of subcontractors. This means you’re not paying extra for a parade of specialists; you’re getting top-notch service directly from the source. They’re like the one-man-band of home maintenance, without the extra noise on your invoice.

Icon Flexible

They are more flexible

Handymen are the ultimate problem-solvers, diving into a diverse array of tasks that might leave traditional contractors scratching their heads. With a spirit that says, “No Job Too Odd,” they approach every unique challenge with the enthusiasm of a treasure hunter – eager to uncover and solve every mystery your home presents, ensuring your home improvement dreams become reality.

Icon Knowledgeable

Jacks (and Jills) of ALL Trades

Hiring a handyman is like accessing a living and breathing encyclopedia of home repair. From preventative maintenance to fix-it hacks, they hold a treasure trove of wisdom that can save your home (and wallet) from future distress.

Icon Convenience

Your life… Simplified!

Life’s hectic enough without adding “Fix leaky faucet” to your eternal to-do list. Handymen are like personal assistants for your home maintenance, freeing you up to focus on juggling the other million things on your plate. They handle the nitty-gritty, so you don’t have to.

Icon Trustworthy

They are trustworthy

Choosing a handyman means you’re inviting a reliable source of expertise directly into your home, without the worry of unfamiliar subcontractors coming and going. Our handymen are the ones you’ll see for every job, ensuring a level of trust and familiarity that can’t be matched. They become a trusted part of your household’s rhythm, there for every leak, squeak, and creak. With us, it’s personal – we care for your home as if it were our own, guaranteeing peace of mind alongside quality work.

Enlisting a handyman means getting more than just odd jobs done; it’s about adding a reliable, skilled, and yes, sometimes entertaining member to your home’s extended family.

To complete Odd Jobs around your home, you need the right tools. However, purchasing tools required for a single job can be expensive and totally unnecessary. For the price of some tools, it’s cheaper to hire a handyman to complete the project instead. But there are still some essentials you should always have at home. These are the following:

Note: When you make a purchase through our links, we may earn commissions from Amazon, ClickBank or other retailers at no extra cost to you. Our recommendations are based on our personal and professional experience using products we suggest, and we recommend them because we believe they are genuinely helpful, not because of the small commissions we may receive. Please only purchase a product if you believe they will help you achieve your goals.

NoCry Stubby Ratcheting Screwdriver Thumbnail

NoCry Stubby Ratcheting Screwdriver

We like this small, lightweight ratcheting screwdriver because it has many features that are ideal for tight spaces and small objects. This ratcheting screwdriver is perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professional mechanics alike.

Dewalt Impact Driver and Hammer Drill Thumbnail

Dewalt Impact Driver and Hammer Drill

With these professional drills, you can drill into anything – wood, concrete, tile, and steel. For something delicate like IKEA furniture, set your torque dial to 5 or 6, and this will prevent the screw from tearing into your panel!

Dekopro 150 Piece Tool Set Thumbnail

Dekopro 150 Piece Tool Set

The toolset has various tools to help you with household jobs, including minor repairs, furniture assembly, and basic DIY projects. In addition, it comes in a rugged case for easy transportation, making it a perfect kit for emergencies and a thoughtful gift for a DIY enthusiast.

Black and Decker Home Tool Kit Thumbnail

Black and Decker Home Tool Kit

This kit comes with robust drill bits, screwdriver bits, and tools. It’s great for furniture assembly, fixing bikes, and simple repairs, making it a perfect starting package for any DIY Enthusiast.

Aluminum 24-inch Magnetic Spirit Level Tool Thumbnail

Aluminum 24-inch Magnetic Spirit Level Tool

We like this leveler tool because it has magnets, which lets us attach it to the inside roof of our tool van. This way, it is easy to find and transport. In addition, it is built primarily with aluminum and has robust end caps that prevent damage when dropped.

Ratcheting Screwdriver Set Thumbnail

Ratcheting Screwdriver Set

This small set includes everything you’ll need for a furniture assembly project. It sports a ratcheting system, so you don’t have to reposition your grip after each twist, it has a magnetic tip to keep screws from dropping, and finally, it has a storage compartment for your bits in the handle.

Room Improvement

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Icon Cost of a Handyman

How much does a handyman cost on average for odd jobs?

Curious about our rates? We charge $50 an hour for our handyman services. If your project is more involved, we’re open to working out a flat rate quote that fits the scope of the work. It’s part of our commitment to providing flexible and fair solutions for your home.

Icon Location

Where Do You Find An Excellent Local Handyman?

There are a few ways to find an excellent local Handyman. You can ask friends and family for recommendations, search online directories like Trustpros, Angie’s List, and HomeAdvisor, perform a search on google for “Handyman Your city,” or even check out websites like TaskRabbit.

For additional help selecting a fabulous Handyman, view Find The Best Handyman Near Me – An Ultimate Guide For Homeowners. Herein, we discuss the best methods to find an excellent handyperson for your needs.


We also discuss why Handymen are better than hiring a Contractor in the following article: What is a Handyman And Why Homeowners Prefer Them Over Contractors.

Icon - A toolbox for common Handyman repairs

What Are a Few Of The Most Common Handyman Repairs?

Some common Handyman repairs include fixing leaky faucets, repairing broken door handles, and unclogging drains. However, Handymen can pretty much do anything that is not a form of major construction. Major work includes brickwork, concrete repairs, foundation work, roofing, window installations, etc.

Icon - How much to tip a Handyman

How Much Do You Tip a Handyman?

Wondering if tipping is in the cards after we’ve tackled your to-do list? Absolutely, we welcome tips with open arms! It’s not just about the extra change; it’s a high-five for a job well done. Plus, it fuels our coffee addiction, keeping us perky for your next project!

Icon - Which Handyman will visit

Which Professional Will Come To My Place?

When you request a handyman job through our website, we assign a qualified professional with experience in the job(s) you require. However, if you prefer a specific handyman, we will try our best to accommodate your choice.

Icon - Qualifications

How do I Know If The Handyman Is Qualified?

All our Handymen are experienced, qualified, and have the necessary tools to complete each job. Additionally, we only send our best for the specific job(s) you require. Therefore, feel at peace knowing that you are in good hands.

Conclusion – Final Thoughts

Odd Jobs can be a pain, but luckily there’s a solution – Handymen! Handymen are skilled professionals who can take care of all your Odd Jobs quickly and efficiently. Plus, they’re convenient, trustworthy, and have a wealth of knowledge.

Remember, we’re here to help and ensure you get stuff done. That’s what we love to do!

So, whatever Odd Job(s) you need around your home – big or small – don’t hesitate to give us a call or get in touch with us via our Handyman Contact Form. Remember, we’re here to help and ensure you get stuff done. That’s what we love to do!

Handyman Jobs

Maybe you’re fed up of jobs where you’re not valued or respected. Maybe you’re sick of working hard and being overlooked for it? Maybe you are looking for work that is more centered around a passion?

You deserve to work at a company that values you. You deserve to be recognized for working hard and doing your job well. You deserve to go home feeling fulfilled and happy at the end of every day!

We at Handyman And Designs are always looking for exceptional people who thoroughly enjoy Handyman work. Students, professionals, or retirees, we need people who are passionate about this trade and who also enjoy helping others.

Professional experience is not required, but we will ask to see personal projects that you have worked on for friends, family, or yourself. Show us your love for your craft! To view additional info, visit our Handyman employment page and contact us via our Handyman Contact Form today to get the train rolling!

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