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The Start of a Handyman Studio Lounge

After 5 years of working on projects like furniture assembly, custom wood counter displays, and more, in 2022, we have temporarily ceased all our services offered to clients. We are going to temporarily focus our efforts on internal projects to prepare for a better future for our valued clients and team. Aside from building an updated Handyman And Designs website that features an assortment of additional content, another one of our projects is the following.

We have begun to design and construct an entire basement workshop for our team. To begin the process, as shown in the following photos, we created a design for a lounge area, or better termed, a Handyman Studio Lounge. Our vision is to create a comfortable lounge that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Sci-fi Handyman Studio Lounge 3D Rendering Concept Photo

Why An Overall Design and Theme is Important?

You have all seen them before. Workshops put together like a jig saw puzzle, with no thought for design other than how to best fit everything in to get as much in drawers, shelves, and empty space as possible – Example. Some craftsmen put in effort to make their workshop look clean and tidy, while others take it a step further and give their workshop a unified look with color-matched storage units. However, we have never seen a workshop designed with a specific theme – Ever!

We didn’t want to build a basic wood shop – after all, there are thousands out there already – so we made sure this design, ours, was special.

At Handyman And Designs, we enjoy making cool things. A great website, fun work vehicles, and now, we aim to create a uniquely designed workshop. To make our workshop stand out, we’ve begun with a design for a Handyman Studio Lounge that has hints of science fiction. We didn’t want to build a basic wood shop – after all, there are thousands out there already – so we made sure this design, ours, was special. Our Handyman Studio Lounge, together with our upcoming basement expansion into a full crafts workshop, will become known to our team, friends and clients as “Secret Labs.”

3D Model of Sci-fi Handyman Workshop Photo

Why The Need For a Handyman Workshop?

A workshop is a space where Handymen can gather and work together to create beautiful things. Additionally, it offers the following possibilities:

  • It is a space where knowledge, ideas and skills can be shared.
  • It provides the necessary space, tools and equipment to make furniture, toys, campervan gadgets, and more.
  • It is an ideal area to offer 1 on 1 personal training to DIYers and serious woodworking enthusiasts.
  • It’s great for filming DIY, crafting and construction related videos for Youtube and TikTok.

Essentially, a handyman workshop provides us with the opportunity to make something that we want in an environment that encourages creativity, collaboration and respect for our clients, our team, and our work. There are many many reasons more why a workshop is a must!

Sci-fi Handyman Studio Lounge Kitchen Area 3D Render Concept Photo

Comfort is Essential in This Modern Messed Up Age of Covid, Wars, Climate Change, Woke Media, Technological Change and More

We want our crew to feel comfortable when they work on custom projects for clients. In this light, the Handyman Studio Lounge will come equipped with a TV, a kitchen area, a washroom with a shower, and even a laundry room. Herein, we can work on projects with our clients, temporarily live on-site to avoid distractions, and watch the game or film dominating the world. We’ll also have a dedicated space for workshop sessions to allow Handymen and friends to work together on new projects.

Plans For The Upcoming Handyman Workshop

When everything is fully complete, our workshop will be outfitted with all the necessary tools to create elaborate products for our clients. This includes a 3d printer and a CNC machine, along with power tools such as a cabinet saw, miter station, drill press, and more. Essentially, we want to build a culture here at Handyman And Designs of creativity, innovation and curiosity that will help our team produce better work for clients and also help them pursue their own creative pursuits. We are currently in the process of finalizing the plans for the entire expansion.

HandymanAndDesign Studio Build - work in progress photos

Special Projects: Work in Progress

Handyman Studio Lounge Progress Thread (Link coming soon) – View our work in progress post, under Special Projects, as we share how we bring this project to life, and share tips, tricks, and tools on how we get everything done.

Final Thoughts

A Sci-fi Handyman Studio Lounge, an upcoming Sci-fi Workshop, custom designed vehicles, a barbecue on the back porch – we’re just missing bean bags to make our future team feel right at home. Inspire, create and innovate… we shall enjoy pushing ourselves and our abilities to make fantastic projects for everyone now and into the future to come.

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