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What is a Gallery Panel?

Gallery panels are most commonly used in museums and galleries to show art or other visual media. They are seen in commercial settings such as hotels, restaurants, retail stores and offices. Gallery panels can be made from any material such as wood, metal, glass or plastic. They can also have any shape – including rectangular, square or circular, can be mounted horizontally or vertically and they can be arranged in various patterns. The purpose for which a panel is needed, and the area it will reside in, will dictate the materials and design used to build a perfect paneling system for a given space.

Below, find a custom gallery panel system we created for an art gallery in Montreal.

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Custom Built Gallery Display Panels Completed

Our Client’s Requirements

In order to create a gallery panel system that is attractive, we went over the following specs with our client to determine the best custom gallery panels for his needs:

  1. The size of gallery panels needed: 8 × 4 feet
  2. Will panels continually move, or will they be fixed permanently into position? They will continually be moved for unique events.
  3. How would you like to divide your space? Build extra panels so that we can decide later how best to organize our panels for each new event.
  4. Materials? They should be lightweight for easy relocation.
  5. Textures? To fit our stone and brick gallery walls, a textured panel surface is preferred.
  6. Budget? Since many panels are needed, keep costs as “low as possible.” No high-end materials such as metal framing.

With the above specifications in mind, we went to work to create a perfect custom gallery panel system for our client’s needs.

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Why Choose Custom Made Gallery Panels Over Prefabricated Ones?

Custom panels are a good alternative to pre-made panels, because depending on the materials used, it can be a lot more affordable than commercial ready items. Furthermore, you can choose the type of material, the size and design of each panel, as well as what goes on each panel. With custom gallery panels, you won’t have to compromise on anything which means that you will get exactly what you want.

If you are looking for something that is truly unique and custom made, you should opt for custom made gallery panels.

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How We Built Custom Gallery Panels

A great method to add a professional touch to your commercial project is by installing custom gallery panels. Once installed, they make a space feel like it was designed just for you. They can also be used as an opportunity for branding and advertising, or for a creative statement.

If you opt to have panels custom created, there are vast array of options available, such as sizes, shapes, colors, textures, and designs. For the panels presented in this post, we used 8 x 4 foot and 1 inch wide foam boards as a base. We chose foam because they are extraordinarily lightweight, durable, and you can stick slim nails into foam, and when removed, the panel will self-heal. We then wrapped each panel with thick brown textured paper and placed textured floor tape along the edges to give the panel additional strength and to complete the textured look. We used adjustable poles found at IKEA, which were originally silver in color and were used as a storage shelf system. These poles were perfect because their height could be adjustable to accommodate 8-15 foot ceilings – an ideal solution for floor plans that will continually change over time. We painted the poles matte black to complete the build.

Custom Built Gallery Display Panels Sample Photo 2

The Top 5 Reasons to Get Custom Gallery Panels

Custom gallery panels are a great way to showcase your work. They allow you to show off your designs, photography, illustrations, and more in an elegant and professional manner. There are many reasons why you should consider investing in them for your commercial interior or exterior space.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons why you should get custom gallery panels installed in your space:

  1. They will make your space look amazing, modern, and sophisticated.
  2. They will give you more options when it comes to decorating. You can choose from a variety of colors, patterns, and textures.
  3. They will provide an elegant backdrop for all of your products and services that you offer in your store.
  4. They will improve the overall ambiance of the space by providing lovely art to look at.
  5. They can be used to show a timeline of your company’s journey, showcase your products and more!

Essentially, there are many reasons why custom gallery panels are a great addition for a business.

Tool Recommendations

Note: When you make a purchase through our links, we may earn commissions from Amazon, ClickBank or other retailers at no extra cost to you. Our recommendations are based on our personal and professional experience using products we suggest, and we recommend them because we believe they are genuinely helpful, not because of the small commissions we may receive. Please only purchase a product if you believe they will help you achieve your goals.

Black and Decker Drill Set Icon

Comdox D Ring Picture Hangers with Screws – 50 Pack – Picture hanging hooks are great for mounting canvas art. These hooks mount directly to the wood frame of a painting or canvas with 1-2 screws per hook. Once attached, wire can then be tied to the hooks. Staples can also be used, however we found over the years that these screwed on hooks are much more sturdy and secure. We prefer to make builds that endure forever. |

Dekopro Tool Kit Set Icon

Picture Hanging Kit Includes Hooks, Nails, Sawtooth Hangers, Frames,and Picture Hanging Wire – These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and make for an easy way to get creative with your wall space! They’re very inexpensive and can be easily removed if you wish to move your artwork around or change things later. However, they do leave a small hole in the wall that will need a bit of putty and paint. Easy to install, and very secure, we often use these for home or office artwork. |

Ratcheting Screwdriver Set icon

Adjustable Metal Art Gallery Display Hanger Hooks (Wire Not Included) – A method that we at Handyman and Designs like to use is a system comprised of a wall bar, wires and adjustable hooks. We first run a metal bar along the highest point of the wall. From this leveled bar, we then attach adjustable wired hooks to hang artwork. This system is great because it works with paintings of any size, plus, you can always move your art around later without leaving a mark on any walls. The following links are for the hooks only. Wire and metal bar can be bought at your local hardware store. |

Ratcheting Screwdriver Set icon

3.2ft Steel Hanging Chains – Another great method to hang art in any fixed location is with a ceiling mounted adjustable hook system. The hooks are adjustable, so you can find the perfect height for your art. The only downside is that this kit is mounted permanently onto your ceiling. So it’s best for mounting art or commercial posters into areas that you know 100% that you’d like to display a product poster or art piece in. |

Tool Purchases to Avoid

For this project, there are tools that are needed, and then there are tools that should be avoided. The following are a few tools that you should absolutely never purchase!

Metal Spinning Wall Anchor Screws Icon

Self-Drilling Metal Drywall Anchors – If any art or hardware needs to be fastened to a wall, always Stay Away from these specific metal anchors. Metal Drywall Anchors are especially bad for artwork installations because over time, the vibrations of changing the artwork will cause the anchors to chew up the hole in the wall/ceiling until one day, they will simply fall out. It’s best to always stick with plastic anchors for drywall because plastic can absorb vibrations.

Conclusion – Custom Gallery Panels Are The Way To Go!

Custom gallery panels are the way to go when it comes to presenting art. They are visually pleasing, they add depth to any presented work, and they present you with a wide range of material and design options to select from. Simply put, custom gallery panels are better than premade panels because they are more personal and unique to your individual needs. If you would like to have custom gallery panels created for your commercial space, feel free to Contact Us. We ourselves, Handyman And Designs, have a background in art and design, so we always enjoy creating custom gallery panels for galleries and special events.

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