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How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies – Forever!

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Part #1: The Ultimate Way to Get Rid of Fruit Flies – Instantly

How to get rid of fruit flies? If you’re reading this article, it’s most likely because you have an infestation and need immediate help. Well, you have come to the right place. The following article offers two solutions to end your bug infestation today. Let’s begin with Solution #1:

While you may wish to solve your infestation with a blowtorch, the environmentally-friendly solution to “how to get rid of fruit flies, instantly” is with a Shop-Vac. Yes, a SHOP-VAC! The more powerful the Shop-Vac, the better. Then, once you finish capturing all bugs with two wings, you can take the vacuum outside and suck in your favorite bug spray solution to usher an end to your bug problem for that day!

How to get rid of Fruit Flies? View our Handyman’s recommendations for the 3 best shop-vacs to get rid of fruit flies today!

And there you have it. Your kitchen is instantly clear of all flying bugs. For best results, repeat the process each morning on an as-needed basis.

Tip #1: For restaurant owners, this method works best before opening your restaurant in the morning. Make it a summer routine to eliminate your pests each day. Trust us; your customers will be happy to have a fly-free day. Nobody likes to see bugs touching their food.

Tip #2: You must have a dust bag installed in your shop-vac. A bag ensures what is inside the bag stays inside the bag!

Tip #3: After sucking in a bug spray solution, let the shop-vac run for a minute to clear its air filter.

Tip #4: To prevent any possible jailbreaks, CAP your vacuum’s hose before you store it away for the day.

3 Best Fruit-Fly Capturing Shop-Vacs for your home or business

Note: When you make a purchase through our links, we may earn commissions from Amazon, ClickBank or other retailers at no extra cost to you. Our recommendations are based on our personal and professional experience using products we suggest, and we recommend them because we believe they are genuinely helpful, not because of the small commissions we may receive. Please only purchase a product if you believe they will help you achieve your goals.

  • Wen Shop-Vac 5 gallon 5HP Thumbnail
  • Small and Powerful

    The WEN VC4710 is a small, compact (13.5 inch radius), 5 gallon shop-vac that has extraordinary suction power for its size. Easy to carry and extremely affordable, this model enables you to seize control of your fruit fly infestation. As a bonus, it comes standard with a HEPA filter.
    Note: Great price, but low quality accessories.

  • Stealth Shop-Vac 5gal 5.5 HP Thumbnail
  • Tough and Compact

    The Stealth 5 gallon, 5.5 HP shop-vac is roughly the same size as the Wen unit above, but has a tiny more suction power, a longer electrical cord, a stainless steel case, washable filters, and better quality parts. It’s very compact and portable, making it ideal for capturing fruit flies in every part of your house or business.

  • Stanley Shop-Vac 10 gallon 5.5HP Thumbnail
  • Large and Extreme

    The STANLEY SL18701P is a big 10 gallon, 6 Horse Power shop-vac. With a 2-inch wide nozzle and extreme suction power, it can capture flies from a short distance. It’s an ideal shop-vac for dealing with an infestation, and afterwards, you can easily clean your entire home, restaurant, truck, front porch, garage and more.

End Fruit Flies Infestation With Steam Cleaner

Part #2: How to End a Fruit-Fly Infestation

After you have completed Part I of this article, “How to get rid of fruit flies Instantly,” and you have successfully captured all visible fruit flies with a shop-vac, it is now time for “Part II – Sanitize The Source With Steam to End Your Fruit Fly Infestation.”

View our recommended 3 Best Steamers to end your fruit fly infestation Today and Forever!

To begin this step, you must locate the source of the infestation. Once found, remove the infested substance (rot, spoiled food, mold, etc.), clean the area thoroughly with detergent, and steam the source and surrounding area to neutralize (cook) all unhatched larva.

Steam is an excellent finishing touch because it can seep into loose tiles, rotten wood, cabinet seams, and tiny creases where detergent can’t reach.

Tip #1: Warning! Do not steam into or near electrical outlets or appliances. You don‘t want an electrical fire on top of a pest infestation.

Tip #2: Warning! Moving your steamer around continually is best to avoid warping plastic, peeling paint, lifting varnish off chairs, etc.

After you finish steaming the area, wipe the area down to remove access moisture, and once everything is dry, voila, you are done! Congratulations!

3 Best Steamers to End a Fruit-Fly Infestation!

  • COSTWAY Handheld Steam Cleaner Thumbnail
  • Cheap and Small

    COSTWAY Handheld Steam Cleaner – This unit is a low-cost, handheld steamer with a variety of accessories for all surfaces. Given its size, it is easy to reach difficult areas and sanitize infested surfaces to prevent future fruit fly larvae from hatching.

  • Goflame Steam Cleaner Thumbnail
  • Fast and Furious

    The GOFLAME Handheld Steam Cleaner features a 4-foot hose, 10-foot electrical cord, and a variety of accessories for different surfaces. With a pre-heat time of approximately 3 minutes, plus a 4-foot hose, this unit is ideal for quickly treating fruit fly infested areas and cleaning the surrounding surfaces.

  • Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Thumbnail
  • Hot and Powerful

    The Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner is a Powerful Multipurpose Portable Heavy Duty Steamer. It releases steam up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit, enabling it to terminate bugs, larva, and even 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. We personally use this unit for a wide assortment of tasks.

Additional Information

How “NOT” to Deal With Fruit Flies in Restaurants and Kitchens

Fruit flies are a real nuisance in kitchens and restaurants. They are everywhere, from the garbage bin to the fruit bowl. These pesky bugs can carry bacteria and germs that contaminate food.

…the most effective way to deal with fruit flies is to “NOT” use liquid fly traps.

There are many suggested solutions to get rid of fruit flies, but the most effective way to deal with fruit flies is to “NOT” use liquid fly traps. As handymen who offer professional property maintenance services, we can tell you with our in-field experience that liquid fly traps don’t work, Period. It’s ineffective because fruit flies can continually come from outside a restaurant or home.

Fruit Flies Eating Bread

What are Fruit Flies?

According to Wikipedia, Fruit flies are the most common type of fly found in kitchens and restaurants. They are small and dark-colored, with a yellow band on the top of their head. They are attracted to fruit and vegetables that have been left out or rotting. However, they don’t discriminate. They are also happy to inhabit your pastry dishes/shelves or anything else with a moderate degree of sugar or honey.

The only danger they pose is when they poop or lay their eggs in your food or drink!

Fruit flies are a nuisance, but according to studies from Terminix, they are not directly harmful to humans. They do not bite or sting, so they cannot spread diseases like other insects. The only danger they pose is when they poop or lay their eggs in your food or drink! These deposits are known to cause illness and disease when accidentally consumed.

Fruit Fly Head Photo

5 Best Practices for Effective Fruit Fly Control and Prevention

Fruit flies are an annoying, pesky problem that everyone has to deal with at one point or another. They can be hard to get rid of and they never seem to go away. But with just an ounce of prevention, you can stop the problem before it starts and live in a fly free environment! We suggest developing the following key habits:

  1. Keep your kitchen and other food areas clean: Fruit flies are attracted to any rotting food or spilled liquids in the area so make sure you clean up any spills right away or throw out any food that has been sitting out for too long.
  2. Store your food properly: Fruit flies will lay eggs on any foods that are left uncovered so make sure you store all of your groceries and leftovers in sealed containers or zippered bags.
  3. Empty and wipe down all open containers: Once empty, it’s best to clean storage items thoroughly and wipe them down until they are dry.
  4. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly: For extra protection, you should always wash your food before eating it and make sure to dispose of food that looks suspicious.
  5. Seal all cracks or holes: It’s always better to seal any potential openings where fruit flies can enter. This will minimize the risk that these pests will infect your home or restaurant..

Basically, for peace of mind, keep things clean, keep things sealed, and always take action before things can get out of control.

When to Call For a Professional

If you have a fruit fly infestation, and you can’t find where they are coming from, or perhaps the source of the infestation is in a difficult area to reach, then it’s time to call in a Professional Handyman.

A Handyman, on the other hand, is an excellent choice for dealing with an infestation because they can put back together whatever they take apart. So it’s a two-for-one deal that saves you time and money.

Why a Handyman? Because an exterminator can’t fix anything that they must open or take apart to reach an infestation. So you would require a repair person after the exterminator leaves. A handyman, on the other hand, is an excellent choice for dealing with an infestation because they can put back together whatever they take apart. So it’s a two-for-one deal that saves you time and money.

Contact us via email or phone if you are in the Montreal area. If outside Montreal, then check out our Ultimate Guide To Find The Best Handyman Near Me, an article about how to find a good and capable handyperson in your area. Also, if you suspect your fly infestation might be Drain Flies, view How to Get Rid of Drain Flies – Today!

Additional Items To Help Combat Fruit Flies

Katchy UV Bugs trap Thumbnail

KATCHY – Flying Bugs Trap

This great invention is a bug zapper. The UV light attracts fruit flies (and other bugs) at night and sucks them into the trap via a fan where they are affixed to sticky paper on the bottom of the unit. It’s not a cure for a fruit fly infestation, but it certainly helps to lower your entire pesky fly population.

Yellow Sticky Bug Traps Thumbnail

20 Pack Yellow Dual-Sided Bug Sticky Traps

An age-old method of capturing pesky flying bugs is with sticky fly traps. Not as effective as a Katchy unit, but it can help get rid of bugs “before” they become a problem. Simply hang a few up near food sources, windows, and other areas where flying bugs seem to be more likely to gather.

Pestnot Electric Bug Zapper Thumbnail

Pestnot Electric Bug Zapper

Pestnot Electric Bug Zapper uses no pesticides, odors, or chemicals. Instead, it simply uses the power of science, 2000V worth of science! It instantly kills mosquitos, flies, fruit flies, gnats, moths, and other pests in a single electric-sounding ZAP!

Black Flag Fly Stick Thumbnail

Black Flag Fly Stick

The Black Flag is an improved version of a Yellow sticky paper trap. Pour a t-spoon of honey or syrup on the bottom tray. The scent then attracts flying bugs, and once they land on the sticky tube, they never move again.

Zap It - Electric Fly Swatter Thumbnail

Zap It! Electric Bug Killer

Zap It! A USB rechargeable electric bug zapper racket. For Indoor & Outdoor use. Instantly eliminate mosquitos, flies, fruit flies, gnats and other pests in a single swing. An online review quote:

“Oh my heavens, this is so satisfying!”

Raid Flying Insect Killer Thumbnail

Raid Max Flying Insect Killer

Another traditional method to combat flying insect is with a Bug Spray. We always have a bottle on hand, but we rarely use this method because it leaves an odor and it shouldn’t be used around food. Regardless, it’s useful to have for those special occasions when a bug spray is needed to quickly solve a problem.


How to break the Cycle of Fruit Fly Infestations

It’s important to know the signs of an infestation so you can take action before things get out of control. For example, there are many ways to identify a fruit fly infestation, but basically, you know you have an infestation when large numbers of fruit flies begin to appear.

They can be hard to get rid of and never seem to go away!

Once their numbers get out of hand, fruit flies quickly become a pesky and persistent problem. They can be hard to get rid of and never seem to go away.

In order to save your valuable home or business from repeated cycles of fruit fly infestations, it’s essential to always keep preventative measures in mind, such as the ones we listed above in “5 Best Practices for Effective Fruit Fly Control and Prevention.” With just a few changes in your daily habits, you can eliminate future grief. If you don’t, you could get overwhelmed with an infestation all over again and again.

Stay alert, and keep on top of things. You will live an easier, happier, and healthier life. Good Luck and all the very best wishes from Handyman And Designs!

Graphic Fruit Fly Bug Thumbnail

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